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High-quality upcycled scrunchies from eco-friendly fabric waste

High-quality upcycled scrunchies from eco-friendly fabric waste

Since we’re environment-conscious all the time, we believe upcycling is an art. It allows us to discover the potential in the one labeled as waste. For us, upcycling is a mindful eco-friendly activity that helps create excellent scrunchies that one can surely cherish. These hair scrunchies are manufactured using 100% recycled fabrics and ensure leaving a minimal carbon imprint on the environment. They arrive in versatile prints and can be worn with any outfit you desire. The company prioritizes sustainability since the beginning and all our products are hand made in Canada.

Now you can buy scrunchies online as we have an irresistible collection to suit all tastes and desires.


New Scrunchies

From time to time, we keep adding new pieces to our collection such as Under The Sea Scrunchie, Grizzle Flannel, Chocolate Delight Velvet. All our exclusive pieces are a perfect accessory to glam up

Lunar New Year Collection

Discover the unique East Coast Royalty Scrunchie, Emerald Palace Scrunchie, and China Doll Scrunchie in our Lunar New Year Collection. Get quality products and a royal feel when you shop scrunchies in Canada.


Cozy Collection

Our beautifully handcrafted scrunchies add some coziness along with a great aesthetic appeal. The Silver Star, Ballerina Satin, and Desert Sand Wool in our Cozy Collection will leave you wanting for

Floral Collection

Get exclusively floral printed scrunchies at The Halo Effect that will blend well with your floral outfits and offer a cool casual

Satin Collection

Our Cutie Patootie Satin, Lavender Paisley Satin, and To Infinity & Blue-Yond Satin, and more in our collection. Satin is known to eliminate hair breaking, tangles, and hair thinning significantly. Also, satin offers protection from dryness from the friction caused between your hair and moisture-absorbent

Wild Thang Collection

Explore our creative side with our lovely scrunchies like Airbrushed Azaad The Cheetah Satin, Sterling Nala Satin, etc. in our Wild Thang Collection. They go well in any attire and enhance your

Velvet Collection

Have you ever thought that our velvet scrunchies are sustainable and eco-friendly too?  Scrunchies like Steel Me Away, Chocolate Delight Velvet, and Indigo Velvet in our Velvet Collection are all sure to offer a luxurious

Flannel Collection

Check out our Midnight Sky Flannel, Cotton Candy Flannel, and Hiking Classic Flannel in our collection. We make them using excellent soft woven fabric made from wool and


Kids Collection

Pamper your little princess with our Little Mermaid Satin Kids and Princess Belle Satin Kids and more with our best scrunchies in Canada at affordable prices.


We want to give people a better place to live. So, that’s one reason, we’re always ahead to put in our best efforts for the betterment of the world.

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