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How to Make Beeswax Food Wraps and More!

How to Make Beeswax Food Wraps and More!

“The Internet is abuzz with content about how to make beeswax food wraps, why is it so?” Mary asked quizzically.

“Today, it is essential to find the best alternative to single-use plastic products. Beeswax food wraps have positive consequences on climate change,“I replied knowingly. Thereafter, we embarked upon an interesting conversation about the benefits, use, and how to make beeswax food wraps.

Just like Mary, you may want to know about this essential and useful product. Here, we have put together our thoughts on how to reduce waste by using food wraps made from beeswax. Read on to take a closer look.

Need for Biodegradable Products


Wrapping products derived from plastic, such as cling film, are very environmentally costly. Though easy to use, cling films may take many years to degrade. On the other hand, aluminum foil is a good recyclable option but it has its cons as well. Foil emanates greenhouse gases into the environment. It also uses more energy and water to disintegrate than plastic.

Beeswax Wrap – An Eco-friendly Option

Beeswax wraps are affordable and hassle-free. Wraps made from them are biodegradable, easy-to-use, and of very high quality. According to experts beeswax food wraps have antibacterial properties as well.

So, what are Beeswax Food Wraps?


100 percent natural, beeswax wraps are generally made of beeswax – coated organic cotton. They have the goodness of tree raisin and organic jojoba oil in them.

Beeswax Food Wrap – Main Uses


The food wraps made from beeswax can be used as covers or lids for plates or bowls containing food. You may also use beeswax wraps to protect vegetables, fruits, herbs, baked goods or to wrap cut fruit, cheese, and other open food products. However, refrain from covering raw meat with them; it is not advisable.

The Functionality of Wrappers Made of Beeswax


These wraps are reusable, compostable and can be washed easily. They have a flexible, tacky structure. Therefore, they can be wrapped around any container or food product as they take the desired shape. When your warm hands touch the bees wax, the wraps soften but do not tear. They are very useful for covering packaged stuff as well.

Shelf Life of Food in Wax Wrap


Every food item has a different shelf life. When you wrap up different products in beeswax, they remain good in the freezer for a minimum of 3 weeks. Some food items are likely to remain fresh and palatable for a longer time, depending on their shelf life.  It is recommended that you keep tracking the food quality of the wrapped products for the best results.

Caring for the Wraps

There are several brands that produce high-grade beeswax wraps to prevent wastage. These brands provide specific instructions about how to take care of the wraps. The general instructions include:

-          Wash with a mild detergent and cool water

-          Air dry

-          Store in a cool and dry place

-          Avoid creases on the wraps by stacking them on a flat surface

-          Keep away from all heat sources

-          Prevent melting of the wax at all costs, etc.

Recycling and Reusable Product


If you take proper care, then your beeswax wraps can last for months together, even for a year or more. There are research reports that suggest that the covers can be given a new shape after passing them through an oven. For this, it is advisable to keep the oven setting at the lowest temperature only. Keep the wraps flat on an oven tray for about 5 minutes, that should be enough to melt the wax. Sometimes, the wax may melt to a point where it cannot be repaired, take care.

Store Your Food Hygienically


As per experts, bees wax does not pose any contamination risks to the food you wish to consume after storing. This is specifically true if the beeswax is directly extracted with hot water from a honeycomb. In other words, you need not worry about the quality of food stored in the refrigerator.

Invest in Beeswax Food Wraps for Health Benefits


Long-lasting and durable, beeswax wraps for keeping food safe and healthy are a good alternative to plastic. You may also want to invest in these durable and long-lasting products. They can be reused and recycled and provide multiple benefits. Reach out to understand how to make beeswax food wraps and buy them online, today. 


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