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The Halo Effect Project

 "We wake up every day with the intention to inspire others by being  initiators of change."

Our team believes in providing like-minded individuals with opportunities to be the change they wish to see in the world. With that in mind, we created  “The Halo Effect Project” -  a team of enthusiastic, kind, compassionate people who strive to live a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle. We wake up every day with the intention to inspire others by being  initiators of change. Whether it be through initiatives to revive ecosystems in our oceans and greenspaces or to support human-kind by advocating for mental wellness and finding ways to support the homeless, we all just want to make a positive impact during our time on this planet.


 (Pictured above are "The Halo Effect Project" volunteer team member supervisors along with the Owners Kryssel & Monika at the Assiniboine River walk located in Winnipeg, Canada, Oct 2020 Clean-up)

There are plenty of organizations locally and around the world that can use the help of volunteers. The Halo Effect Project  is one of them. We organize events that are primarily focused on making the planet more livable and sustainable for future generations.  We also like to support other causes we believe in and are always looking to help other organizations execute their mission. If you’re looking to get to work with a team that’s passionate about the environment,  raising awareness for causes like Women shelters, Sick children and Homeless shelters, get in touch with us!

(Founder Monika pictured here volunteering with Plastic Bank in Denpasar, Indonesia with two workers & a local Sept 2019 )

Please note: due to the current pandemic and the travel restrictions  in place our plans to host volunteer travel will be placed on hold until further notice.

Does The Project fall in line with you? Contact us through email or follow our Instagram for more info on our various events!